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The Society Competition Evening

This is a light-hearted evening of themed competitions without classes. The entries in each competition must comply with the relevant guidelines described in the first section Advice on Entering. The competitions are:

Theme (Prints – maximum 1 per member)
Song Title:  Produce an image that represents a song title.  Any song of course but your image must also be excellent.

Portrait (Prints – maximum 1 per member)
Awarded for the best portrait of a person. A female/male, or people, must be the predominant feature of the image.

The Creative Cup (Projected Digital Image – maximum 1 per member)
A competition for innovative images (but not a/v or movies) based on one or more of the author's photographs. They should be original, creative, avant-garde images that have to originate from a camera. No limits - only your imagination!

Greg's Egg Cup (Projected Digital Image – maximum 1 per member)
A competition for humorous images. Entrants should aim for visual humour, i.e. a picture that is funny in its own right, and should think of an appropriate title to add to the fun. Technical quality is only a secondary consideration.

Click here for the WPS - Society Competition Evening Entry Form


Please make sure   You do not include apostrophes in the file name. Only use A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9 and _ or – (i.e. underscore or the minus sign).  Also do not use characters like à, â, ê, è or é.
  The image file is a ".jpg" and not "jpeg" or "jpf" or other file types.
The "jpeg" and "jpf" are not recognised by the server and will not be displayed.


The images below show what to do and give some explanations of the parts of the upload tool.

NOTE if you have an Apple computer you may see the button labelled as "Chose File" instead of "Browse"


How to rename an uploaded file

U H s5 Rename 1   2017 1 Click on the ABC to edit the file name  
U H s5a Rename 2  2017 Click in the text box and edit  
U H s6 Rename 3  2017 Finish Editing and click on the green tick  
U H s7 Rename 4   2017 Finished Editing  

How to delete your uploaded file

L U H 6 changes4 PDI   
Having deleted the file it will disappear from the display  
Remember to logoff when finished.