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Winchester Photographic Society's 87th Annual Print Exhibition 2020

Terms and Conditions for the WPS 2020 Print Exhibition (now via PDI entry)

1   Entrants Entrants must be fully paid up members of Winchester Photographic Society and will be expected to support the operation of the exhibition by volunteering in some capacity. 
2   Cost of Entry Cost of entry is £1.00 per entry, payable to the WPS Treasurer.
3   Number of entries Entrants may submit a maximum of 16 entries, made up of no more than 4 entries per class except in Class B, which is not available this year.  No image shall be eligible for more than one class.
4   Copyright Entrants must own the copyright of all elements of each image and may be asked to provide suitable evidence - failure to do so may result in an image being excluded.
5   Images No image may have been accepted in a previous Winchester Photographic Society Print Exhibition. All images must conform to the General Rules for WPS Competitions and the supplementary class rules defined below. Images must be entered in the appropriate class where one exists and may only be entered in the “Free Subject” or “Monochrome” classes where no other class is appropriate. The exhibition coordinator reserves the right to exclude images which do not conform to these rules.
6   Classes and Rules Classes D, F, G, H and K are defined as Documentary Classes where the image is derived from a single subject. Adjustment of hues and tonal values, removal of minor blemishes, and mergers of multiple images of the subject (HDR, panorama merge, focus stacking) are permitted, but composite images derived from multiple subjects are not permitted
  Class A Beginners - An image on any subject by a member currently in the WPS Beginners class.
  Class B Set of Three - This class is not available this year.
  Class C Free Subject - An image on any subject not appropriate for other classes.
  Class D Hampshire - An image which celebrates the life, culture or environment of Hampshire. Subjects may include places, events and activities; images must be captured in Hampshire and may be indoors or outdoors, but not in a studio or your home
  Class E Human Portrait - An image of a person, indoors or outdoors, which should form the major subject of the frame. Lighting, studio equipment, and retouching are permitted.
  Class F Nature - An image of a natural subject including plants, animals, insects and other life forms. The subject may be wild or captive, and assistive methods may be used in setting up the shot. The image should also comply with the definition of Nature Photography agreed by PSA, FIAP and RPS which is defined here.
  Class G Street/Urban - An image captured within an urban public space. Subjects may include architecture, open spaces, people, and other urban artefacts but should express the feeling of urban life.
  Class H Action - An image which captures the feeling and notion of movement. Subjects may include sporting events and human activities which have an emphasis on movement.
  Class I Monochrome - An image produced using a paper base and one other colour.
  Class J Creative - An image produced through the use of imaginative skill or originality of thought, which is not required to represent reality. This includes abstract, multiple exposure and multiple composite images but all elements of the image must originate from an image capture device (camera, scanner, etc).
  Class K Scapes - An image of a natural or human altered landscape or seascape which includes middle ground and distance. Subjects may include people and buildings but these should form a subsidiary part of the overall image. 
7   Upload Images should uploaded to the WPS web site using the usual convention of DPI images, where the file format is:
ExhibitionClassLetter_Author Name_Title.jpeg
Images must be correctly sized to fit the 1920 x 1200 pixel frame.
7a   Mounting Where required for sale, prints must be mounted on board measuring 40 cm x 50 cm, not exceeding 4mm in overall thickness and clearly marked on the back with the author's name and contact details, the title of the image and the class. The Exhibition Coordinator reserves the right to exclude any print which does not conform to these specifications or is mounted in such a way that it may cause damage to another print.
8   Sales Images accepted into the exhibition will be offered for sale as prints unless specifically identified as NFS (not for sale). Entrants are invited to set a selling price for each of their entries and communicate this by e-mail to the exhibition organiser. He will set the selling price in the absence of this information.
9   Judging All entries not excluded by the Exhibition Coordinator and committee representative will be shown to a team of three judges who will jointly select the winner in each class. They may also award Certificates of Merit at their discretion. The judges have the right to withhold any award in any Class and their decision is final.
10   Hanging All images that are accepted into the exhibition will be hosted on the “Culture on Call” section of the web site operated by Hampshire Cultural Trust at
11   Results Entrants will be notified of their results by the 16th May 2020 and the winning entries in each Class will be posted on the Society's website. Winning entries may also be published in the local press unless requested otherwise by the author to the Exhibition Coordinator.
12   Catalogues An online catalogue will be available on the Hampshire Cultural Trust web site. Physical catalogues will not be printed this year.
13   Care of entries Every care will be taken of prints but no responsibility can be taken for damage or loss. The submission of entries shall be taken as acceptance of these Conditions of Entry.


Please address any queries to Geoff Sharman, Print Exhibition Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Updated 18-Apr-2020