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The Mono Competition

A competition purely for monochrome prints, sometimes termed black and white but can in fact be any single colour plus white, i.e. not necessarily black with white.

This season we have incorporated the competition as part of the third round of the Print League, (18th February 2020).  The consequence is that there is now a "class" element to the competition, i.e. Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced and Gold.

The judge for the evening will award places per class as usual but will additionally choose an overall winner who will receive the FB Heathcote-Wride Old Symmetrical trophy.

Winning Images 2017/18

When the images have been provided and processed, they will appear here.

1st Jeff Johnson - Imperial War Museum
2nd Pete Whielden - Arctic Ptarmigan
3rd Paul Davison - A guiding hand
HC Gavin Bowyer - Does my bum look big in stripes?
HC Jan Lloyd - Room with a View
HC Mike Lane - Homeward bound to beat the storm
HC Ann Erkut - A Lifetime in the Eyes
HC Alison Cawley - Shady Bower III

Winning Images 2016/17

Winning Images 2015/16

Winning Images 2014/15

Winning Images 2013/14