Founded 1923

Member of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation
Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

Joining Winchester Photographic Society

Abidance to the Constitution of Winchester Photographic Society is a condition of membership. Please read the appropriate section below carefully.

Membership Renewals & Invitations Sent to New Members

From June 2018, existing members of the Society may renew their membership (and invited individuals may join) by one of the following methods:

For Invited New Members - or Change in Details for Current Members - Download an application form, complete it and send it to the Treasurer, Graham Barber, and pay:

1. Direct to the Society via our Payments Page, or
2. Direct to the Society's Bank Account via a BACS transfer; please contact the Treasurer for details, or
3. Pay via cheque, credit/debit card or cash direct to the Membership Secretary on the due date: the first Tuesday evening in September.

Important: If any of your personal information has changed, please indicate it on your application form or let the Treasurer know. Important personal information that the Society holds includes:

• Name, address, mobile & land line numbers,
• Preferred E-mail address,
• Photographic accreditations,
• Your own web-site for your photographs (if applicable).

New memberships

In order to preserve the friendly nature of the Society and to provide a comfortable environment for our members, we do operate a membership limit. We are not open to new members at this time; however if you are already on our waiting list and have received a Membership Invitation, please follow the process above.

If you wish to be added to our waiting list, with no commitment involved, please contact the Treasurer.