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1. Is Membership of Winchester Photographic Society always open or is there a Waiting List?

• In order to preserve the friendly and sociable nature of the society, we do have a membership limit. This season has proved to be very popular and this limit has already been reached. Unfortunately, therefore, the Society is not taking on new members. We do operate a waiting list; please contact the Treasurer / Membership Secretary if you wish to be added to this list. Visitors are welcome, however, at any of our Tuesday meetings at £5 per session (maximum number of visits: 4). Certain premium events are charged at a higher rate; please check here for details. Please note that we have a minimum age limit of 16 years of age.  All young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

2. Where and when does the Society meet

• Our main meetings are every Tuesday evening from 7.30 – 10.00pm at the Discovery Centre, Jewry Street, Winchester, SO23 8SB. Ample free parking is available in Tower Street Car Park, a short walk from the Discovery Centre.

3. What are the season dates?

• Our season runs from the first Tuesday in September to the first Tuesday in June, with a short Christmas break. In addition, there are a number of optional meetings, social events and "photographic walks" through the summer break.

4. Is my skill level appropriate for the Society?

• The Society caters for all skill levels from enthusiastic beginners through to experienced advanced workers. We feel that everyone can learn something, or take some inspiration from most, is not all, of our meetings.

5. How much are the Membership Subscriptions?

• Current Membership rates are:
     • £75 for a standard single membership,
     • £132 for joint membership (two people at the same address),
     • £10 for full-time students (under the age of 21).
• In addition, visitors are welcome at any of our Tuesday meetings at £5 per session (maximum number of visits: 4). Certain premium events are charged at a higher rates. Our Extra-curricular meetings at Littleton and Otterbourne are reserved for members only.

6. Will you teach me about photography?

• As a Members' Society, we offer an environment with the aims of the promotion, encouragement and enjoyment of all branches of photography through meetings, lectures, workshops and other activities aiding member advancement. We also offer members a tailored education programme during the season at a small extra charge.

7. Do you offer advice on photography?

• Many of our members have decades of experience of photography as a hobby or sometimes a profession. Friendly informal advice is always available from those members on a Tuesday or a Wednesday evening. In addition, we offer formal training courses (at extra cost), typically half-days or full-days on Sundays.

8. Should I bring my camera?

• No, in general you do not need to bring a camera to a Tuesday meeting (unless we have a (rare) practical session).

9. So, don't you offer practical experiences?

• Yes, although they tend not to be part of our main programme. Examples include:
     • Practical Workshops, either on camera techniques, or on post-production software techniques (available to members approximately monthly on Wednesday evenings).
     • Occasional "Photographic walks" offered so far this year in the Winchester area and London. These are arranged according to demand.

10. Can I enter competitions to test my abilities?

• Yes, one of our main themes through the season is our internal competitions. We offer 5 Print and 5 Projected Image Competitions per season, with classes of Beginners, Intermediates and Advance – giving the opportunity for all members at all levels to enter. For those with a competitive spirit, points awarded at each competition contribute towards a league table position for each member.
• Less formally, several competitions take place through the season on specific themes (e.g. Monochrome, Audio-Visual, Portraiture, etc.).
• Trophies are awarded for all Society competitions at an annual end-of-season prize-giving event.

11. What does this season's programme contain?

• A full listing of this season's programme is available here.

12. What are the Wednesday meetings for?

• In addition to the society's main programme each Tuesday evening, optional Wednesday less formal sessions are offered to members at a small additional change at the Memorial Hall, Littleton. Currently these meetings involve one of the following:

     • Workshops: Practical topics either on photographic techniques (e.g. Macro, Flash, Studio, etc.) or Computing Software & Techniques (Calibration, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.)

     • Panels: An informal group which encourages members to work creatively on groups or sets of pictures ("panels") with a common or linked theme.

     • Beginners:  An informal group aimed at less experienced photographers.

     • Improvers:  An informal group aimed at intermediate photographers.

     • Enhanced Reality: A group aimed at practising creative techniques, normally in post-production software.


13. Can I drop in one evening to see what I think?

• We would encourage all potential members to come along to any Tuesday meeting to "sample" the society. Please introduce yourself to any member for help in settling in. We ask for a fee of £5 per evening for visitors and a higher rate for our premium events.

14. How do I join the Society?

• Please see Joining Winchester Photographic Society.

15. Who can I contact for further information?

• For any further questions, or for any other information, please contact the Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Graham Barber:
     • 01962 881604 / 07880 734005
     • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.