Founded 1923

Member of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation
Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

News Headlines

New Members Gallery.

Well done Atul Kshirsagar. He has loaded a set of his images to his Members Gallery Page.


Glyn Paton Upgraded to Level 2 judge by SCPF.

Congratulations to our President for 2018/19, Glyn Paton who, following “very encouraging feedback from clubs”, has been upgraded from a Level One to a Level Two judge for the SCPF.

The Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF) is a Member of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) and is Affiliated to the FIAP.

The Federation serves camera clubs and photographic societies in Hampshire and neighbouring parts of Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Dorset, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey.

SCPF is governed by a Council of Members and a Constitution. The Aim of the Federation is:

“To promote the advancement of photography in all its aspects. To encourage the co-operation between member clubs through participation and hosting of inter-club & Federation activities.”

Congratulations Glyn !!!



Winchester Photographic Society 2018 Annual General Meeting Tuesday 29th May 2018

AGM 2018 Summary

Committee Positions

The vacant positions were filled as:

Vice President   Gavin Bowyer
Treasurer & Membership Secretary   Graham Barber
Web Architect   Gerard Carlin
Communications Secretary   Trevor Morecraft
Member Representative   Carey Wall
Member Representative   Eleanor Coke
Member Representative   Tony Smith


WPS Business Plan

The WPS Business Plan for  2018-19 was approved.  Memebers can see this after loggin on and looking under "Information" > "Managing the Socity..."


WPS Image of the Year

Results - 23rd May 2018

1st Paul Davison  Dockyard Gang
2nd Phil Terry The Chase
3rd Eric Blake  Southampton Docks
HC Eric Blake  I love my job
HC Adrian Binney  Shy Chinese Boy in his Sunday Best
HC Dan Cowen  Snow Leopard Cub
HC Roger Dixey  Storm Over Shaldon


1st Paul Davison Colossal Cargo   
2nd Pete Whieldon Little Owls in the Snow   
3rd Helen Otton Wildebeest and Acacia Silhouette   
HC Ann Erkut  Fighting Jays   
HC Atul Krishagar  Kaleidoscope   
HC Phillipa Hayter  Up and Away   
HC Phil Terry  Cornish Sunset   


The Society Competition Evening

Tuesday, 8th May 2018

Thackeray Cup
1.    Dan Cowen - Sleeping Giant
2.    John Burke - Chimes of silence
3.    Deborah Gordon - Follow my leader
4.    HC Sue Birtwistle - Worlds End

Fair Damsel
1.    Sarah Townley - Staring cancer in the face
2.    Steve Green - I do love my sister
3.    David McKibbin - A shock of red hair
4.    HC Tony Smith - The farmer’s daughter

Good Knight
1.    Nick Townley - James
2.    Gavin Bowyer - Ferryman, Hoi An
3.    Steve Green - Happy rasta
4.    HC David McKibbin - James at full tilt


George Walsh Trophy and the Set of Three

There is now a new page for the two competitions, the George Walsh Trophy and the Set of Three.


Results  R5 Print League PDI 20th March 2018

1st Dan Cowen Snow Leopard Cub
2nd Geraldine Guthrie Mural at Oslo City Hall
3rd Chris Landale Harbourside Bar Opera House
C Hele Otton Green & White
1st Jill North City Lights
2nd Anita Taylor A Cockchafer
3rd Adria Walmsley Early Morning Workout
C Jeff Johnson Bending Light in the Kitchen Sink
C Jan Hedger Architectural Detail Norman to Elizabethan
C Lynette Clark The End of the Crossing
HB Adrian Binney Grand Tetons in the Morning Light
HB Robin Shaw Flamingos Flying High
HB Gavin Mann Those Pines
HB Sylvia Larter-Whitcher Blue Tidal Pool
HB Trevor Morecroft Birds Eye
HB Rafe Pascual Towards Heaven
1st Pete Whieldon Catching Prey
2nd Tony Smith Two Odd Boots
3rd Sarah Townley Still Life with Cabbage
C Roger Dixey The Ethereal Llanddwyn
C Mike Lane Pounce
C Paul Davision A Charismatic Character
C Steve Green An Old Hand at Crochet
C Geoff Sharman Women in Steep Well
C Dave Kiddle Where Others Have Trodden
HB Tony Cowburn Island Girl
HB Dawn Blight What's going On at Number 13?
HB Alison Cawley Late Again!
HB David McKibben Ready For the Street Party
HB Gordon Brown Redwings Set Sail
HB Trevor Davies Contemplate
HB Louise Brown Birmingham New Street Station
HB Gavin Bowyer Priest CelebrateesGanga Aarte


Results  R5 PDI League 20th March 2018

1st Brian Holloway NYC All screwed up
2nd Sue Birtwistle Edge of the forest
3rd John Burke Playing catch
C Bob Henley Portsmouth sunset silhouette
C Maurice Jones Go round
HB Christine Landale Chocfull
1st Adrian Binney Market transaction
2nd Phil Terry Lands End sunset
3rd Tony Large Arccelor Mittal Orbit
C Rob Harris Not quite there
C Trevor Morecraft LRPS Portrait of a red panda
C Andy Knowles Old lifeguard station
C Ray Benzal "Tulip stairs Queens' House"
C Jan Hedger St Peter & Holy Cross Church
HB Gavin Mann Life through the lens
HB Pat Goodall LRPS Keeping watch
HB Jill North LRPS Riomaggiore
1st Pete Whieldon ARPS DPAGB Little owls in the snow
2nd Nick Townley LRPS Women in red
3rd Ann Erkut On the hunt
C Paul Davison ARPS DPAGB Shipbreaker
C Sarah Strange LRPS Successful catch
C Tony Cowburn LRPS Winter dawn at Kimmeridge
C Eric Blake LRPS A quick walk under the Thames
HB Ron Foulkes ARPS CPAGB Not my artwork
HB Gerard Carlin Great crested grebe



Committee Meeting Dates

The dates of the committee meetings can be seen after you logon and look under “Information” >  "Managing the society, Minutes, AGMs, Questionnaire etc" > "Committee Meeting Dates Current Season"

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The Suggestions Box is on the Society Desk each week. 

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We have launched a presence on two of the most popular social media platforms aimed at providing both immediate news and an interaction platform for our members and non-members:

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Events or Links that may be of interest to members

We are looking at providing a page with links to events that could be of interest to members.

For now we are including such links on this news page. We would welcome feedback from members regarding this.


Is photography dead ?

The Renowned film director Wim Wenders hits out at 'phone photography'

See the BBC news site.


WPS Members Training Training programme for 2018

The 2018 Training Programme is a free learning site by macro photographer Johan J. Ingles - Le Nobel geared towards budget-conscious intermediate level macro photographers who want to know how to do extreme macro photography and the equipment that we use.



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Chris Button 27-Feb-2018 Landscape Photography

Chris Button has kindly provided some notes from his talk to the WPS.   See the "Advice / Tutorials / Workshops" page or use this direct link. Note this opens a PDF.