WPS Newsflash !!

WPS Contingency Planning for Covid-19

From Gavin Bowyer MA ARPS, WPS President 2019-2020


WPS exists to provide for the photographic interests of its members – but the committee is mindful of the risks that the current situation poses to the membership, particularly recognizing the Society’s demographic. The situation is evolving rapidly, and advice from government is also changing – we will not debate the wisdom or rationale for that advice.
We have to take some difficult decisions to balance our two duties: duty of care and obligation to provide photographic events. The primacy of care for members should be obvious. We believe there are some actions that will impact our photographic activities but will mitigate health risks for members. Where possible we will seek alternative photographic activities for members. 

The season at the DC and other indoor venues is cancelled until further notice.

More details can be found on the WPS Contingency Planning for Covid-19 page and the newsletter.

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Results - Society evening 2020 Tuesday 12 May 2020

Judge : Jason Hyde

Theme Theme: Song title
1st Jude Blackman Can’t take my eyes off you
2nd John Tierney I am sailing
3rd Helen Otton Horse with no name
Portrait Portrait
1st Graham Barber Taking aim
2nd Eric Blake Nicola
3rd Sarah Townley Past his best
Creative The Creative Cup
1st Kelly Long The spirit of freedom
2nd Gavin Bowyer Red gladioli
3rd Roger Dixey Armageddon
Humour Greg's Egg Cup
1st Jude Blackman Goodbye mum
2nd Gordon Brown Elegantly climbs aboard
3rd Jill North Welcome at number six


Results - WPS PDI Round 5 Tuesday 28 April 2020

Judge : Michael Warren

1st Maurice Jones The bottle
2nd Angela Cook Hannah
3rd Stella Chandler Early morning walk on the course
C Bruce Mackay Lloyds lunar shot
C Nick Sellick The other view
C Michelle Quinton Skylight
HB Bob Allen A different viewpoint
1st Bob Hart Tulips in hail
2nd Richard Lewis Stag at dawn
3rd Steve Govan Polo contest
C Kate Hoare High jump
C Linda Gates LRPS Swan in early morning
C Harvey Arber Bluebells
C Steve Cooper Redbreast
C Carey Wall Pensive Spectator
1st Jacquie Powell LRPS Ode to Autumn
2nd Kelly Long In isolation
3rd James West Puffin portrait, Skomer
C Helen Otton LRPS The river and mountains of Glen Etive
C Adrian Walmsley LRPS Phoning a friend
C Phil George Office blues
1st Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2* Life in lockdown
2nd Trevor Morecraft LRPS Pond skater
3rd Gordon Brown ARPS Impressions
C Adrian Binney LRPS QPSA Mother and child
C David McKibbin LRPS DPAGB Dawn walk
C Gavin Bowyer ARPS Herd of red lechwe in flight
HB Tony Cowburn ARPS Pebble tidal flow


Results - WPS Print Round 5 Tuesday 05 May 2020

Judge : Pietro Rocchiccioli

1st Angela Cook Ethan
2nd Kate Carslaw Layla
3rd Bob Allen Sweet sleeping dragons
C John Tierney Becalmed
C Nick Sellick In the moment
1st Linda Gates LRPS Wings of a tulip
2nd Kate Hoare Feeding in the rain
3rd Atul Kshirsagar LRPS A diamond on the beach
C Tony Large Dodging the storm
C Stephanie Patterson Hitching a ride
C Tim Lever X o-clock
1st Kelly Long Underwater self portrait
2nd Dan Cowen Ghostly remnant of D-Day
3rd Alan Thompson LRPS Grey seal pup in the winter sunshine
C James West "Russian Molokan girl Dilijan Armenia"
C Helen Otton LRPS Through the mist
C Adrian Walmsley LRPS The S‚ance
C Geoff Sharman Uganda Kob faceoff
1st Pete Whieldon ARPS DPAGB Wild kestrel feeding on a mouse
2nd Sarah Townley ARPS Last of the roses
3rd Gordon Brown ARPS Carrying the boat ashore
C Trevor Morecraft LRPS You've got mail
C Adrian Binney LRPS QPSA No hair styling customers
C Corinne Kozok CPAGB AFIAP Grubby but happy in Nepal


Results - WPS PDI Round 4 Tuesday 31 March 2020

Judge : Ashley Francis


1st Michelle Quinton Protestor
2nd Angela Cook Jenna
3rd Kate Carslaw The old pier
C Geraldine Guthrie Waiting
C Nick Sellick Flying low
C John Tierney The crew
C Stacey Hartwell Signal the train
1st Atul Kshirsagar LRPS Iceland
2nd Jude Blackman Paper curl
3rd Richard Lewis Close racing
C Chrissi Travell Ponies on the river stour
C Steve Cooper A stroll in the garden
C John Greenwood LRPS Memory
C Tim Lever Flow
1st Kelly Long Dandelion wish a self portrait
2nd Robin Shaw LRPS Harold the hare
3rd Nick Townley LRPS Stormy weather in Mount Aspiring National Park
C Adrian Walmsley LRPS Wellies at the ready
C Dan Cowen Into the light
C Dawn Blight LRPS Seeking comfort
C Sue Binney Follow my lead
1st Dave Kiddle LRPS Social distancing
2nd Tony Cowburn ARPS Domes at Greenwich
3rd Pete Whieldon ARPS DPAGB Courting woodpeckers
C Gavin Bowyer ARPS Approaching the bridge to nowhere
C Sarah Townley ARPS Winter thrush
C Ray Hems LRPS Reika tribesman

Winchester National Exhibition - Affiliated to British Photographic Exhibitions (BPE)

As a result of the restrictions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic we have been testing “remote judging”.
We are carrying out more remote judging trials and have chosen to delay opening the exhibition entries until
Saturday 16th May 2020

See the full statement on the Introduction page WNE 2020

Distinctions Galleries

Our Distinctions Gallery has been split into two pages
A page for CPAGB and LRPS and a new page for DPAGB and ARPS

LRPS Gallery
  Congratulations to Philip Terry on his LRPS. Philip has added his LRPS Panel to his WPS page and it is also on the WPS Distinctions Galleries Page

New Print Competition Entry Forms

The Print Entry Form has been split into two new print competition entry forms.
One for League entries and one for other print competitions.
Both can be found under the “Competitions” heading.

competition entry forms 2020 menu

After a print competition, please remember to uploaded the PDI of you placed entries so then can be added to the galleries.

LRPS Gallery
  Congratulations to Atul Kshirsagar on his LRPS. Atul has added his LRPS Panel to his WPS Web page and it is also on the WPS Distinctions Galleries Page

News Headlines

Results - WPS PDI Round 3 Tuesday 03 March 2020

Judge : Caroline Colegate ARPS APAGB

1st Angela Cook Poppy
2nd Richard Murphy Rocking the O2
3rd Bruce MacKay Surgery or plumbing
C Sylvia Shankland Two out of three
C Sheana Webster Day of rest
C Maurice Jones Sea view
C John Pallot Bashful
1st John Greenwood LRPS Autumn
2nd Linda Gates LRPS Passing by the drummer
3rd Kate Hoare Kingfisher with fish on perch
C Atul Kshirsagar LRPS Cranes trains and trails
C Steve Govan Starlings murmuration
C Roger Holtby Tete a tete
C Jennifer Joel I love you
C Andy Knowles That was yummy
HB John Burke London Graffiti
HB Mike Roe LRPS An otherwise dull day
HB Deborah Gordon Dear Jean
1st John Myall LISNWP Deadly red
2nd Roger Clark ARPS A touching moment
3rd Rob Harris Afternoon in the park caf‚
C Phil George Driftwood
C Dan Cowen The Bargee
C Helen Otton LRPS Chapel on the beach
C Nick Townley LRPS Downwash
HB James West Rutting fallowdeer bucks
HB Adrian Walmsley LRPS The bug who watched the eclipse
HB Alan Thompson LRPS Seeking shelter from the midday sun
1st Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2* Washed up
2nd Gordon Brown ARPS Eyes on the ball
3rd Pete Whieldon ARPS DPAGB Wild kestrel on a very wet day
C Chris Maidens LRPS CPAGB AFIAP Sea fog off portland
C Trevor Morecraft LRPS Downy Emerald - male
C Ray Hems LRPS Chasing cheetah
C Gavin Bowyer ARPS Fish supper takeaway


Results - WPS Print Round 2 Tuesday 18 February 2020

Judge : Jim Pascoe ARPS ABIPP

 Roger Dixey’s, A Wet Winter Walk was judged to be the best overall mono on the night and therefore winner of the FB Heathcote-Wride Old Symmetrical trophy.

1st Jon Hawkins Paternoster square
2nd Nick Sellick Man in the street, Tallin
3rd Sheana Webster Shall I walk or fly to catch her
C Maurice jones Stone stacker
C Stella Chandler Down we go
1st Sue Birtwistle Burning the rice stubble
2nd Katie Hoare Red deer stag
3rd Mike Roe LRPS Moment of creation
C John McCarthy Fritillaria meleagris
C Atul Kshirsagar Alien has escaped
C Linda Gates Path out of Avebury
C Bob Hart When I'm cleaning windows, Hassan II mosque
1st John Myall Siblings
2nd Phil Terry Demoiselle dawn
3rd Dan Cowen Berserk cirque
C Alan Thompson LRPS Portrait of a steampunk
C Roger Clark ARPS Horse trader
C Helen Otton LRPS Morning skim
C Anita Taylor Penny for your thoughts
1st Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2* A wet winter walk
2nd Sarah Townley ARPS Girl in fur hat
3rd Chris Maidens LRPS CPAGB AFIAP Down in the grass
C Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB Summer solstice couple
C Ray Hems LRPS Enjoying the fountains
C Dave Kiddle LRPS Strike
C Pete Whieldon ARPS DPAGB Emotional connection


ARPS Gallery

Congratulations to Sarah Townley on her ARPS. Sarah has added her ARPS Panel to her WPS page and it is also on the WPS Distinctions Galleries Page

Sarah Townley's ARPS Panel

    Sarah Townley 016 arps panel




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The International Federation of Photographic Art - Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique, or FIAP  

WPS Autumn Lecture 2019 - David duChemin

His webite is : https://davidduchemin.com/about-david/


WPS: Guest Speaker - Paul Goldstein - 10 September 2019

His webite is : http://www.paulgoldstein.co.uk/

Is photography dead ?

The Renowned film director Wim Wenders hits out at 'phone photography'

See the BBC news site.



Extreme-macro.co.uk is a free learning site by macro photographer Johan J. Ingles - Le Nobel geared towards budget-conscious intermediate level macro photographers who want to know how to do extreme macro photography and the equipment that we use.



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Chris Button 27-Feb-2018 Landscape Photography

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