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Enhanced Reality Group

Many successful images have some degree of manipulation applied to them which goes beyond the normal workflow of sharpening, tone adjustment and colour balance. Tools such as Photoshop allow photographers to create composite images where elements from several individual photographs can be combined to create a new picture.

At a simple level this could be as simple as replacing a sky to enhance an existing image whilst at an advanced level you could combine images to create a totally new reality. With the mastery of a few simple Photoshop skills you can take your photography to a different direction if you wish or simply use your new skills to enhance your standard photos.

The enhanced reality group will discuss and promote and share these compositing skills to encourage each other to develop and apply these post processing skills to improve their photography.

The use of compositing to produce creative images is practiced in many camera clubs and some of the better images can easily be found in many BPE exhibitions that have a creative category. There are many different styles, some images are pure fantasy whilst others are very realistic but you are left wondering 'how on earth did he capture that'. Look at these authors to see what can be done.


 K T Allen  Wigan 10 Foto club  
 Philip Barber BPE 5* DPAGB   Wigan 10 Foto club
 Dave Griffin APBE DPAGB  The Beyond group
 Brian Beany FRPS  The Beyond group 


If you are inspired by what you see or if you would like to learn more come along to the first meeting. You need to have some photo editing software that supports layers and you should have a basic knowledge of layers and making selections.

Skills we will share will include:

  • Selecting images that will work together
  • Making believable selections and masks
  • Understanding and controlling lighting
  • Matching perspectives by distorting images
  • Finding a story to tell
  • Using composition to place elements
  • Developing an individual postprocessing style.


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Littleton Millennium Memorial Hall

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