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The Tuesday Meetings

Tuesday nights are not just about the talk/competition, lots of other things can be happening too!

Society Desk

Please visit the manned Society Desk for any questions about the Society, sign-up sheets for various activities, Royal Photographic Society information and the Society notice board. The desk is manned by a Committee Member from 7pm each Tuesday and during every interval.

New Members

As a large Society, we are very well aware that we could unintentionally appear somewhat intimidating to new members. We do make every effort to avoid this appearance

Newcomers’ Welcome Point: To help new members feel at home we operate this each week during the refreshments interval in the Café area. Simply gather at the seating area to the right of the café entrance doors. Here you will be greeted by friendly faces, get to know other new members - and established ones too - and be guided into the ‘ins and outs’ of the Society.

Tea and Coffee Break

The provision of refreshments at the break is coordinated by a team of members with extra help on the night by 2 or 3 volunteers.